Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ryun Votes to Condemn Supreme Court Property Rights Decision

Twice today, Jim Ryun voted to condemn the Supreme Court decision that allow virtually unlimited takings by governmental units, including on an amendment that would prohibit the use of federal funds to enforce the decision. Click here to see the roll call on the federal funds vote, fellow Kansan Dennis Moore, voted against this amendment.


Blogger Democrats for Ryun said...

As a lifelong democrat, I am shocked and offended that my party supports the disgraceful eminent domain decision. We used to be the party that stood up to big business. We used to fight for the little guys against the gluttonous profit seekers of Wall Street…. Now we have sold out our principles and are nothing more than lackeys for corporate titans. I am truly ashamed of my party. FDR should be spinning in his grave.

I am pleased that Congressman Ryun has the guts to stand up for our individual freedoms against the tyranny of corporate America. His independent leadership is refreshing in these days of over-zealous partisanship. I urge all Democrats to look outside their party affiliation for true leadership and vision.

Vote the person, not the party!!!!!

12:28 AM  

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