Thursday, July 07, 2005

Pelosi Ethics Questioned

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a column today by Debra Saunders about Democrat Minority Leader Pelosi's questionable actions when it comes to ethics. When you're a liberal Democrat and your hometown paper in a land of liberalism is hitting you on ethical behavior, it can't be good.

Pelosi has charged Republicans with abusing the ethics rules, yet, she sent her staffers on lobbyist paid for travel (and didn't report it) and she was fined by the FEC for attempting to skirt the campaign finance laws.

More from the "those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" category. This column also points out that Democrats took over 30% more privately-funded trips than their Republican counterparts.

The Democrats are starting to pay the price for their non-agenda which is relying on making ethical charges against Republicans as the way they plan to take the majority in Congress.


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Great blog. Jim Ryun is truly a great man. I wish he was our congressman here in the third.

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