Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Supreme Court Nominee Tonight

Tonight at 9pm eastern, President Bush will announce his Supreme Court nominee to fill the vacancy of Sandra Day O'Connor. The buzz in Washington is that her replacement would be Edith Brown "Joy" Celement. She is pegged by many as slightly to the right of O'Connor, more like Rehnquist than Thomas or Scalia. Our guess here at run with ryun is that if the Senate Democrats try to "Bork" her, that they know the nominees will only get more conservative.

UPDATE: New rumors on redstate.org say it may be Edith Jones, not Edith Clement.

Update: A reason why the Clement story fell apart, because it was John Roberts. Liberals won't like him, but look for more smoke than fire in the confirmation process and look for a woman or the first hispanic to be named chief when Rehnquist steps down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this shutting up the relentless rehashing of the Rove story. How many times can you go round and round debating two sides of the same story? I guess when you're Howard Dean and you've got no positive agenda, this is what you do. I suppose he'll be leading the charge against the President's nominee as well.

11:35 AM  

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