Friday, August 05, 2005

Howard Dean Targetting Kansas

"That's the genius of Dean's 50 state strategy as Chairman. There are organizers working in Kansas, getting paid with DNC money through the State party. It's all
about infrastructure."

This is what liberal Lawrence blogger Josh wrote in a recent comment on his blog. This is what Democrats are counting on in 2006 to win the Kansas governor's race, the 3rd CD as well as taking shots at Republican candidates on every level.

Headed by the ultimate liberal, Howard Dean and using millions of dollars through unregulated 527 organizations like and ACT that are funded by liberal elite billionaires, the Democrats are going to try an all out assault on Republicans in 2006. They are going to target Republicans nationwide, including Kansas.

This is not a moderate Democrat Party, the people funding these efforts are to the left of the left. They are currently laying the groundwork for an unprecedented voter turnout effort in Kansas. They want to elect Democrats in Congress who will go to Washington and provide a vote to make Nancy Pelosi, the ultra-liberal House Minority Leader from San Francisco, the next Speaker of the House.

Tonight, Congressman Ryun will be attending a Kansas Republican Party event to help raise money to combat the infrastructure investment Democrats are making in Kansas.

{Update 8:30pm} here you go josh - a link


Blogger Josh Rosenau said...

It's called linking. That's how the internet works.

Not linking to something you quote is rude, and reflects poorly on you and your candidate.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Democrats for Ryun said...

It's called not thinking. That's how Josh Rosenau works.

As Democrats, we must fight against Howard Dean's extremism at every turn. We must distance ourselves from far-left bloggers, as their arrogance and incoherence hurts our cause more far more than helps.

RWR is actually helping Democrats by not linking to Josh site. His site alienates moderates like me.

12:25 PM  
Blogger Josh Rosenau said...

Which of Dean's policies is extreme? And why does that matter?

Democrats are reaching out to every state, and I think it's time people stopped giving up on Kansas.

Linking is about politeness. When I whine about this blog, I link here, however silly I think the commentary here may be.

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which of Howard Dean's policies aren't extreme? And it matters because he wants people just like him (and believe it or not, worse) to run things in Washington and around the country.

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not that Howard Dean has extreme policies its that he has no vision. The American people will not responsd to those who do not embody their beliefs. There will be some that follow but mainstream America is not fooled by Mr. Dean's antics.

6:54 AM  

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